Preschool @ Tckids is one of the most energizing experiences! Kids love to run into their classrooms ready to play with our servant hearted volunteers & teachers. The kids experience a opening activity where they strengthen their sensory & motor skills. Then they head into the large group lesson where they are introduced to the clubhouse where Ollie the Owl tell them a Bible Story and the bottom line for the day. Then the kids head off to small groups where they review & emphasize the Bible Story through a craft or activity. Kids grow their faith through learning the three simple principles, that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

We want you as preschool parents, to win at home! Let’s partner together to grow your child’s faith into an authentic faith! Here at THE HEARTBEAT you can win at home by reviewing the Bible Stories and concepts with your child during the week! Here you can utilize different resources, parent cues, articles, and so much more! Just Click!