Imagine with me for a moment, a world filled with men and women who do love others the way Jesus loves us. That’s what we want for our preschoolers.

We’ll begin with the story of the Good Samaritan. He was a great example of love in how he helped others. Jesus was always helping people – no matter who they were – and that’s what the Good Samaritan did. We want our preschoolers to know that they can love others by helping.

Next, we’ll introduce the idea of sharing as a way to show people we love them. Take the story of the guy who built bigger barns for his grain, instead of sharing

with people who needed food. Our preschoolers are going to learn that sharing is the way to go, when you have over ow!

Then, we’ll talk about how we can still love others by sharing, even when we have a like just the widow who shared two small coins.

We’ll wrap up the month with the prodigal son where we’ll see that we can love, no matter what, thanks to forgiveness. Just like Jesus loves us, even when we do something wrong, we can love others, even when they do something wrong.