Pancakes With Parents Recap

Thanks For Attending Pancakes With Parents!

We want to help you be intentional about your time at home with your kids. Here’s a recap of our time this past Saturday and a couple links and resources that will help you, WIN at home!

Loosing Your Marbles Illustration: The Bottom Line is this: you’re losing your marbles (or your weeks) with your kids. When you see how much time you have left, you tend to get series bout the time you have now!

Michelle Yeun, TC Kids Pastor shares the impact that TC Kids has had on her child’s authentic faith.

“When I first heard Juliette (3 years old) recap a Bible story for me that she had learned from just being in TC Kids for one service, I was blown away.  1) Kids are actually listening & 2)They remember stuff!
I am so grateful for the volunteers that created an environment where she could learn this, but I was encouraged to know that what I model as a parent, and how I engage with my daughter about her faith, reinforces what she learns at church. Not a day goes by in our house where we are not talking about Jesus.
I want to help you be intentional about your time at home with your kids….This is a little bit about what it looks like for my family.”

  • We are committed to coming regularly to church.  It’s a priority, and Juliette knows Sunday is church day.
  • We read from the children’s Bible regularly, so she’s already familiar with many Bible stories that are taught at church. If you don’t have one, you have to get one!
  • We pray daily.
  • Lastly, I ask her questions about what she learned from church.  This is probably the hardest to do; because how may times have you asked “what did you learn” and all you get back is a blank stare.  I’m proposing that your kids ARE learning, but we are just asking the wrong questions because we don’t know what to ask.
So then, WHAT DO WE ASK?

T C   K i d s   R e s o u r c e s

1. Download the Parent CUE APP: The Parent CUE app provides simple CUES throughout the week that remind you to pause and make the most of everyday moments.
  • Offers CUES for families with preschoolers and elementary-age kids
  • Parent Time section has videos, podcasts, and articles just for parents
  • Videos, activities, and discussion questions link to First Look and 252 Basics material
  • Content updates weekly
2. In each classroom there are handouts or devotionals that correspond to the teaching points and Bible story lessons from that week:
  • Though these things may get lost, forgotten, or accidentally thrown away, keep in mind that when you download the Parent CUE App, the Bible story videos, devotionals, and Parent CUE is all in one place!
3. Follow us on Social Media: We update our social media weekly.
  • Facebook & Instagram: Recaps on the Bible Story & main points from the lessons.
  • TC Kids Heartbeat Coming Soon!: This will be a place where you can get ideas to WIN @ Home! With a parenting corner filled with articles, ideas, & devotionals for you to do with your kids.

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