5 Easy Ways To Add Scripture To Your Child’s Day

Here are five simple ways to add Scripture to your child’s day so that our families can win from hiding God’s Word in their hearts at any time. Try one of these ideas and see how they fit your family’s needs!

1. Use a Bible app on the go.

We love using the YouVersion Bible app (there’s a Bible for Kids YouVersion app that is animated, it’s also free and is in several languages!) and the Olive Tree app (there is a great study of the book of John for kids in this app!). You can do a lot with these apps such as choose your favorite version of the Bible, highlight verses, bookmark favorite passages and find Bible reading plans.

2. Incorporate a Bible quiz or challenge.

Using resources like, The American Bible Challenge app (based on the TV show) and using Bible quiz flash cards from,  What’s in the Bible has free flashcards as well! Kids love a challenge and its a fun game to be played while eating a meal or driving in the car!

3. Teach your kids to have their own Bible time

It’s great to see kids learn more about Scripture or ask questions based on something they’ve read in a devotional or a Bible study as you work through it together. There are a lot of good Bible storybooks that younger kids can look at/read and devotionals for kids as well. Upper Elementary kids may like God’s Amazing Creatures and Me and the younger kids may enjoy the One Year Devotions for Preschoolers). My personal favorite is The Jesus Storybook Bible.

4. Start studying a new book of the Bible from start to finish

A lot of times, it’s easy to just grab a Bible storybook and pick a story for the day. But why not just do a dedicated study on ONE book of the Bible?  The Dig: Proverbs doesn’t go over every single verse of Proverbs but it has in-depth lessons on important passages of that book as well as additional prompts and ways to dig deeper.

5. Incorporate Bible songs and videos

A fun way to learn Scripture is by way of music. Music is such an effective memory tool! Some of the songs we sing here @ The Crossing get stuck in kid’s heads and they will be singing them on their way out the door! It would be great to incorporate them in your home! A big one for preschool is, “Open my eyes” by Kidspring. Some popular bands we use for most of the songs in Elementary are Rend Collective, and Hillsong Young and Free.

I also recently discovered JellyTelly (from the creator’s of What’s in the Bible), which is what I consider Christian Netflix for kids 🙂 It’s got some wonderful programming, like What’s in the Bible, Theo, Zach in Time, Gigi, God’s Little Princess, 321 Penguins, VeggieTales and other faith-based entertainment for kids, as well as family devotionals and movies for older kids.

You can get a free one-week trial by visiting the main JellyTelly website. You can watch it on your iPad or other electronic device as well as a Roku box or similar ones connected to your TV.